I might without a doubt love Jay in the event the he’s unmarried

I might without a doubt love Jay in the event the he’s unmarried

Although not you to definitely come said i can understand Krystina been envious regarding Charlie as the she may know this option day John Ross and you can Charlie could have been keen on one another while they had sex

I really don’t imagine Charlie is romantically searching for John Ross and you can even if she was really don’t consider she would try to interfere in the relationships.And whenever i printed in other places i’m wondering if for example the main point between Charlie and you may Krystina moving forward could be Alex rather than John Ross as they you are going to disagree regarding the best method so you can let Alex.And additionally if the Alex converts so you’re able to Krystina to have comfort and you can suggestions we coud find Charlie already been jealous and you will looking for Alex to turn to help you her alternatively.As for Charlie, there are many males for the Dallas who will be unmarried just who she could get involved with.Instance there was Jay otherwise Brad.Plus i can just imagine the new fireworks in the event the Charlie got with it which have Brad.

Poor, Alex, he’s going to suffer from that it harrowing experience to possess a good while. One Craig person spells difficulties and you can Brad had do not ela. She‘s the one who still its cares in the him and you may she may be worth ideal of him. Despite her injury I wear‘t envision Pamela will provide right up being Ceo that with ease. She belongs in the market world and also have demands something to focus on.

It was sooo really worth the wait! I’m so happy Alex try household. Bad Dylan, regarding purses of the crazy bitch, Jasmine. The woman is to no good.

History day We checked he was relationship ADA Gail Edwards but We haven’t seen sufficient moments of those therefore i don’t know

ROTFLMAOI have always been laughing within audacity of some of those some one. Definitely? Charlie getting in between John Ross and Krystinas wedding? Charlie isn’t really her mother Jenna. She’s maybe not planning work desperate for example the lady mommy try each one of these many years whenever Bobby are which have Pam and today Ann. Charlie possess excess regard having John Ross, and you may Krystinas n deceive within a man who’s already removed. Charlie is actually a lovely, sure, good, wise, and just very outbound woman. There will be plenty of people within the Dallas for her. Today Brad likewise, Surely versus a shadow from any doubt, hell zero. The last Ewing woman that had a part of your was Krystina in which he slept the lady to acquire straight back at John Ross. I really don’t require Charlie locate active in the one rubbish concerning him. She should value Alex while the remainder of the girl relatives. That’s it.

Brad ‘s ToledoOH escort the stupidest individual alive. You and Adam Carrington go out of the right path to set right up John Ross and also you nonetheless somehow get blackmailed; exactly how? However you is actually right, Pamela is one that really cares regarding Brad whether or not not one Craig boy. I’m not precisely a beneficial Pamela partner however, she deserves to be President of Westar because the the woman is experienced this new petroleum business the girl life time. She’s really experienced, she actually is tough, and you can wise. She will be able to deal with Wendell since ranging from Christopher, Cliff Barnes, Tripp McKay, and you may John Ross, she understands exactly how that it oil company is.

Yes April, Jasmine was versus a shade of a doubt no good to own anyone. Her little online game off payback is certian too reasonable although. Dylan did nothing to Jasmine and you can she’s torturing your in-and-out.

The only thing I know truth be told there between John Ross, Krystina, and you can Charlie is when they are going to top help Alex. In fact that’s a wonderful disease to possess as Alex have the majority of people that worry about him. Their mom, dad, stepfather, relative Justin, relative Christopher his uncle Lucas after which there is certainly Brother Bobby. His grandmothers Sue Ellen and you can Jenna along with his Sibling Ann.

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